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So it's been a grip since I've been up in this bitch and let some spit drip from my lips whether it gets you wet or dry between them hips you know I try word to your mother from this guy who so fly.. again I preach the word of an on again off again romance as I try and take this dance in stride but it's like I have two left feet controlling this glide to only wanna find that rock to crawl under and hide.. so as I look for that person w a gift to listen to my gab and help me protect myself from what seems to be a continuous stab and while the bleeding never ends try to do what's best for my beating chest keep it from falling apart while slurping this savage mother fuckn broken heart.. council me scold me mold me take the time to control me while I give you this opportunity and keep me from turning and running from what mostly compels me to fail me.. it's the evol that we have inside us that steers us to toward the fast lane never to slow down this speed that's a continuous gain all these curves and me w no breaks no dead ends just a brick wall of continuous drain and endless pain.. so as my lips dry and I find no end to my tears as I crash and burn and the smoke clears I see that I need to put my hat back on and put away my horns become that average joe by putting on this halo continue to grow w out all these thorns..
@dukes1 Ha! I'm not sure I can handle that. Maybe some others could do it for me! I'll leave it to you for now, dukes.
I'm mostly thrilled you got our old teacher friends @greggr to type mother fuckn lol good job @dukes1 XD Also, enjoyable piece once again.
I mean saucy not racy @timturnerjones @greggr ha
@timturnerjones ya can I challenge ya'll to throw down something a little explicit racy and a bit risqué? haha @greggr .. lol jk
Ya well I don't mean to be always so explicit. but I sit in my office at times and once something pops in my head I start to let my pen bleed cause otherwise I'll forget and letting it spill out helps me curb some feelings ha.. @greggr love is a tough struggle at times ha.. but I like it!
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