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put it together, but put an old riserpad on the two screws to hold the front one in place. was gonna make a nose guard but its not turning out at all haha so.. I'm just gonna ghetto it until I get a new deck haha
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haha hope so @SamNorinder. n yea it suckssss @TreyChiri
go to home depot and get some wood puddy for like 4 dollars
I would... Get an L shaped bracket. A bit longer than the plastic riser you have there. Might require some grinding to get around the front of the truck, but if you could have two points of contact to support the breakage, it would be stronger. Back of truck o. |o| __ | |-metal o \__/ o| ---------- Front
@yourtrucks thanks man, I already fixed it with veneer I use to press my own decks tho:P lol
Oh. Carry on, then. Pay no attention to the man behind the keyboard.