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So I thought I should write something a little less dramatic ha.. I swear I'm more of romantic a speratic lover of the finer things in life.. willing to drop everything to enjoy fine cuisine fine wine a lovely lady to call mine.. I love to travel and meet new people dive into a place feel in place but look out of place.. a place they would ask me to take off my hat or a place where I'm dressed to impress w you on my arm looking gorgeous an phat.. spend money like I've been told when I was young that it grows on trees so spare no expense please.. I just want you to be happy knowing dinners on me, baby, ya literally, ON ME.. ha I want you to know that as long as I have you I have the world in my hands cause you mean the world to me never wanna do something for you to not believe in me I'm your one and only your provider your protector nobody above you and only me below you to catch you softly.. your so lovely.. I'll forever be there for you cause I've seen you fight for this I've seen you get my back and fight for this I've seen you throw fists next to me and fight for this it takes a strong woman like you to stand by my side through all of this damn girl it's gotta be love to know your there to fight for this.. now that's love...
@greggr it's true my writing often seems to sing the same song ha. what do I do change my style or change the lady that inspires this uhh ha.. I need think out of the box and see if there is something I can throw down to blow away our minds cause I believe it's there.. give me a second to ponder.. I saw a card that mentioned writing personal stuff that helps possibly in the way a person is feeling. I believe you a have commented on the card but when I saw I could only agree w it because I seen it in how I write ha.. may be a reason why I continue to let it show in that way of my flow.. but I'm gonna switch it up and see if I can do some thing different. I have this idea and actually it cane from something you had suggested at one time.. it was about Christmas in the future.. so next thing you see will be something in that aspect. be looking out.. ha
@dukes1 Thanks! I'll be looking forward to it. I also do enjoy reading your work in this style as well, though, so don't worry too much. I just love seeing variety from every writer!
@ChristinaBryce it's definitely a tru feeling to know someone has stood beside you and fought for love.. and ya those words I have witnessed first hand and I appreciate your comment cause it shows that love has its way of working it's miracles to keep 2 people together that know what they have worked at having and that is eachother..
I loveeee that you focus on LOVE being FIGHTING for someone! Very try advice, I think.
The last paragraph is interesting: your use fight for this in a way that it makes a rhythm we can follow. Nice. I do have to wonder, though, did you really write about something different from your usual? That's not a bad thing, I'm just wondering!