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I think I just found a contender for my wedding dress. Lace seems to be my thing and I am definitely going to make it part of the dress. Found this on inweddingdress.com for such a great price of only $199. Expedited shipping will cost extra, but what a beautiful and sweet dress. It's super flirty being short, yet modest enough with 3/4 sleeves and bateau neckline. Even if I don't wear this exact one for my wedding, I can see myself wearing this in Spring.
Hi @iluvdurian31 I've been really surprised by how inexpensive some wedding things are. I can't decide if I want to go short or long. I think short. I just can't decide. lol
Awesome! Never even heard of such cheap, yet wedding dress. Thank you for sharing @DaniaChicago.
@Vereguz13 Thank you for clipping my card. I am new to Vingle. Still learning my way around. Are you picking out dresses too?