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Some people get caught up if the date of a designer's collection is out of season. But if the design is beautiful, then what's wrong? Valentino's 2013 Bridal Couture collection is one of the most beautiful I have seen. The lace designs seem fresh and well thought out. The color palette and the overarching silhouette of the season is soft, romantic, and very wearable. I also like that the dresses did not have the mainstream tight bodice and full skirt. This dress is of particular interest to me because it's a gown that could be worn again and again. I'd love to pass this dress down to my daughter and her daughter.
lol no doubt DaniaChicago
You have a bit of an eye for fashion @daniaChicago. I've noticed from looking at the dresses that you have been writing cards about. This one by Valentino is rich.
Yw DaniaChicago.I bet it is a costly dress.
Not sure how much something like this would cost @heartofgold35. more than my wedding budget I'm sure. lol
Thanks for the compliment @NixonWoman I <3 Fashion! Ub-Sessed with Project Runway!!
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