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This is actually a very interesting study. I mean how many of us are actually talking to our friends who are in front of us instead of our friends who are online? Isn't that weird? I think it is weird. The funniest part about this video is how the girl who assumed that she wouldn't do so badly was the worst one! I mean 5 hours??? That is a lot. I am not wondering how often I check my phone. If I had to guess, I would say 1 hour and 30 checks. I think this is why people always yell at me to answer my phone lol So.... how often do you check your phone?
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I'm all over the place...I feel like I would need to monitor this for a whole week and get an average lol. I'm an infamous late texter and not really good with calls either. I have to set aside time and actually put my whole attention on my phone. I check it a lot for the time, though.