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The more I look at these two flower lace wedding dresses, the more I cannot decide which I want to wear more. While the cap sleeve number is fun, fresh, and flirty, I am also in love with the belted peplum jacket. The large white flower lace reminds me of daisies or something like that. I'm driving my mom nuts because I can't decide. What would you go for? No.1 or No. 2?
I really like these looks. And not for a wedding either. It's perfect for everyday living in South Florida. With a bright and shiny belt and the right jewelry, these would be amazing.
Great Valentino bridal designs. Very modern.
I am in love with these dresses too. lol You're right @NixonWoman, these would look nice as garments besides weddings. I decided not to wear any of these designs but I would wear it maybe after I got back from the wedding.