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Tight has been a fashion staple several centuries ago. Men actually wear them back in the days. Today, you'll see this garment primarily worn by woman and girls. I can easily wear it every because it's so comfortable and flattering. During winter, a pair of thick and warm tight is necessary. When it comes to purchasing tights, I had my hits and misses. I lost count of how many pairs I purchased and over time I learn what to invest in. If you happen to look for a pair or two, here are 4 tights that'll cover your basic needs. Best for not ripping: Uniqlo's heattech tights. These are stretchy, super warm and sturdy. Best for basic black: Wolford Velvet De Luxe. These velvet and opaque tights last forever. Best for fun: J.Crew Diamond Dot Tights. Not to flashy and just the right amount of glam. Best for mile long legs: H&M 50 Denier Control-top Tights. Not only does shapes the top, it makes your more slim and long.
I didn't even know that Uniqlo made opaque tights for their heattech line. How awesome. Opaque black tight are my go-to. I'm wearing a pair right now!
Without tights, I wouldn't be able to survive a day durimg winter.
I'm so glad you mention uniqlo's heattech tights. It's been my winter staple and they're so durable!