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Dreamy Reception Table
Just the right amount of Tiffany Blue was used in the design of the tables for this wedding reception. While I'd make it all my own, this is my dream for my wedding reception. I am not an orchid kind of girl, so I would change that to daisies and something not so exotic or tropical. Maybe roses. I think they might be too expensive. The overall look of the white and the subtle use of blue is exactly what I am looking for. The way the water is dyed to that color blue is such a great idea too.
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stunning contrast of blue and white.
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@DaniaChicago Where, I must ask, did you get this photo? It's so great to see incredible color for what looks like a really inexpensive tablescape. Orchids, birch branch, elevated candle stemware, linen and beaded chargers....
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The link is posted under the picture. It's from a blog called wonderful weddings. Check it out. Are you getting married? @nixonwoman
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Thank you @DaniaChicago No, no wedding for me. (immediately thinks of Winston...)
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