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If you have bangs, chances are you'll need to maintain them as they grow out. The problem is you don't always have the time to visit your hairdresser and get it trim. The good news is at-home trim is totally doable as long as you have the right tools and the confidence to do it. Note: Never use your officer scissors to trim your hair. Those are too dull and will cause hair to become damaged or split. Invest in a pair of shears! Tip 1: Start with dry hair, If you try cutting when your hair is too wet, you may end up cutting too much. Reason - Hair is longer when wet and shorter when it's dry. Tip 2: Don't try to do it carelessly. Separate your bangs from the rest of your hair so that it doesn't get in the way or accidentally snipped (that happens quite often). Tip 3: Be careful with your elevation when cutting. Bangs out = more layer, bangs closer to forehead = more blunt. Tip 4: Slowly snip small lengths using your index and middle and keep the sheers at an angle. TRIM STYLES Depending on the way you hold down hair you can get different results. For a blunt look - go straight across, starting from the middle outward on each side. For a choppy look - hold scissors vertically and cut using sharper movements going across from one side to the other. Make sure the tip of the scissors are always pointing up. Photo: Imaxtree / Illustration: Carrie Wheeler
I have had too many nightmare haircuts in my youth (thanks mom) to be brave enough to cut my own hair ahahha
I've needed this post. My bangs always look like a serious mess!
Thanks! I cut my own hair all the time. Just took 6 inches off. However, I can never get the bangs just right so this is a huge help! I'll try the choppy look technique on them today as I had sort of a blunt look I don't prefer as much as the choppy wispy look! I look at haircuts Toshiba way - it will all grow back so I am not afraid to chop away at my hair! Granted at some points in life I had some interesting hair styles!
I am kinda scared to try diy haircut. I have a bad experience -_-
I've tried trimming my bangs with regular scissors. It didn't go well and I never did it again even with shears. I'll leave it to the professional.
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