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Your budget is $50,000. Your guest count is 200 What chairs are you going to go with? A. Hotel chairs B. Folding chairs C. Chiavari chairs D. Louis / Victoria "Ghost" chairs If you said A, then you lied. Your budget is not $50,000. Probably half of that, at best. If you said B, then you are dirt poor and should not be getting married. Do you have kids already? If you said C, then I cannot argue your taste; but I will challenge you to explore other options. Since D is the correct answer, let me explain to you why you should have either the Louis or the Victoria (or both) at your wedding. Where do I begin? (Pours a glass of wine...) Based on the baroque furnishings during the reign of Louis XIV, the "Ghost" chair--as they are now referred to since it's almost impossible to distinguish between authentic Philippe Starck (Kartell) chairs in crystal and translucent knock-offs--was designed to merge history with today, without a barrage of influence in-between. These chairs will immediately elevate your wedding to something sleek, modern, elegant, and classy. They come in a variety of translucent colors to further your creativity. They also come in solid colors and black and white. This is the look you want to make a statement. Bottom line, the obscene cost to rent them is relative to where you live and the place you're getting them from. Plan to spend $11-18 per chair for the Louis and $8-14 for the Victoria. Louis has arms, Victoria does not.