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Was "All About That Bass" Stolen from A Korean Artist?
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Meghan Trainor's hit track "All About That Bass" has been accused of plagiarizing Joo Younghoon's "Happy Mode" performed by Koyote. So why hasn't this come out earlier, before Trainor's hit was a chart topper? Because Koyote was unsure of how to go about handling the situation, and he didn't want to accuse anyone of anything in an unreasonable way. After the urging of his fans, company, and others in the music industry, he is ready to talk about it. Rather than speaking through an agency rep, though, Joo Younghoon took the time to communicate head-on with Trainor’s music team. They are now discussing the incredible similarities with lawyers involved. If it turns out that this has just been a complete accident, Joo Younghoon has stated that the two companies may have a simple discussion. Otherwise, though, he will fight for compensation. Listen for yourself and tell me what you think!
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