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This is the finished frame modification. This is a permanent mod. I added a sheet of Kevlar/carbon fiber weave with omnidirectional strength - bonded with steel reinforced epoxy - to the crank side chain stay of my bike. It's an experiment to see if this type of structural modification can protect a carbon fiber bicycle frame from dropped chain damage.
Definitely going to have some solid protection now. 4oz is nothing really, and that weight is probably mostly from the epoxy. Are you sure the derailleur is bent and not just the hanger? Hanger replacement will be SO much cheaper, LOL.
Great stuff @JonPatrickHyde, I'd love an update on how it feels
You can hardly notice, looks like the frame builders just beefed it up themselves. Thanks for the update!
Results look great @JonPatrickHyde! That thing has a tank for a chainstay now!
Cool mod.. let us know how it works...
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