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This is the finished frame modification. This is a permanent mod. I added a sheet of Kevlar/carbon fiber weave with omnidirectional strength - bonded with steel reinforced epoxy - to the crank side chain stay of my bike. It's an experiment to see if this type of structural modification can protect a carbon fiber bicycle frame from dropped chain damage.
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You can hardly notice, looks like the frame builders just beefed it up themselves. Thanks for the update!
Great stuff @JonPatrickHyde, I'd love an update on how it feels
I'm doing some sanding of the black paint - going to try and take some of the shine down. It was supposed to be "satin" paint. LOL. It's pretty glossy actually. I'm cleaning everything up - packing bearings - re-installing my crank - wasn't sure if I'd go with my 170mm TriMax or stick with the 175mm SK-K Light. I may weigh them to make the final decision. I'm replacing the damaged cable - which snapped because it had been crimped in a place I didn't see it - wasn't done by me - but it's all good. And I'm putting on a new derailleur on - replacing the one that looks like it was bent slightly in the "mishap". Then I'll get everything else on and adjusted. And take her for some rides to stretch the cable out. :D It's going to be a great day!
Sorry! That's an SL-K light - in the post above. And thanks for all the positive feedback everyone. I only added 4oz (total - 113.4 grams) to the weight of the frame with this mod. And honestly with the new Dura Ace chain I'm going to install - we can figure that the old chain got stretched and ruined in the mishap - I expect that IF for ANY reason the chain ever jumped off again and blew past my chain drop guard - the chain would snap before penetrating this new armored addition to my bike.
Definitely going to have some solid protection now. 4oz is nothing really, and that weight is probably mostly from the epoxy. Are you sure the derailleur is bent and not just the hanger? Hanger replacement will be SO much cheaper, LOL.