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Alright I dont enjoy this deck, but I was asked to do this so its happening. I mainly dont enjoy it because you cant do much on it. Basically freeride is it, light bombing but anything serious meh. I like to be able to walk out the door and do anything not just one thing, but as far as a freeride board goes... this is still pretty meh. Nothing is horrible about it as just a freeride, but nothing is great either. I had a 2012 switchblade witch I like a ton more simply because it was committed. The 2013 and 14 and probably the 15 are not committed. The concave is there yes, but its weak. A mini drop and the smallest w ever. I mean I dont want a bowl to jump into but this really never held me in the way I wanted. Also LY started making their boards lighter in 2013 witch I thought was gonna be great, boy was I wrong. It is a bit lighter yes, but man it seems this and other new LYs aren't holding up half as good as pre 13s. So over all Im done with this deck and LandYachtz for a bit. I am willing to sell this deck to anyone who wants to try it for themselves. Sorry about the simi bash but its how I feel.
^board sold to me(: i guess we will see how i like it, ill keep you posted on the sale between me and @SteveLee772 expect some reviews from me soon! This really is the best community.
Friendly reminder any deck I have I'll do a review on, just ask. Almost all my decks are in my old intro post.
@IsaacPaulR check for my review, listed it there
Full setup?@EricDavis
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