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A spectator at the Tour Down Under prevented what could have been a large scale crash and serious injury. An inflatable sign collapsed in the road and almost took out the riders. Inflatable signs are nothing new to professional bike races. You will see them in nearly ever bit of the World Tour. They usually have some advertisings on them, they are really hard to miss. Well one of these signs started to deflate during the race, right before the peloton arrived. The peloton was only about 20 or 30 seconds away from reaching the inflatable arch when Ross Dobson, a spectator, frantically ran onto the race course to lift up the arch. While Dobson held the arch on the right side of the course, other spectators held up the left side. Dobson direct riders around him as to not cause a crash. All the riders go through unscathed. All but one of the team cars made it through without issue as well. One of the bikes on a team car did get caught on the sign. However, right when the bike was falling off the car Dobson caught it and pushed it back onto the car. After the peloton passed through and other spectators saw what was happening, the inflatable sign was swiftly removed. Let's hear it for the savior of the race, Mr. Dobson, for thinking quickly and saving the riders from injury!
@AnythonB He definitely did
This guy saved the race AND the bike. @troygreene84 You're right, true hero!
That would have been really REALLY bad. Glad they acted so quickly
WOW! That guy is a hero