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Winter Writing: A Memory
Prompt: Write about a memory you have that is somehow associated with winter. It can be vague, and it can be made up if you so prefer, just give it a go! Share you writing in the comments, on it's own card, or, simply, with yourself!
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I hope someone writes us onto a winter beach that's hot. I'm so cold!
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@hikaymm Thank you for doing this one!
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@DjamesBreaux I'm not sure if it was intentional, but your most recent piece fit this guy as well.
3 years ago·Reply
@greggr Haha, I actually started on The Agenda two months ago and finally just got it wrapped up all snuggly and warm =D
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@greggr @DjamesBreaux I wondered if it was for this, too, lol. Good timing. Loved the piece, too @DjamesBreaux
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