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Time, gravity and habits all contribute to skin aging. As we age our skin become less elastic. Though we cannot fight time and gravity, we can alter bad habits that cause premature aging. Here's a list of daily habits that sags your skin and cause wrinkles. 1. Washing your face overzealously. It feels nice to have a squeaky clean skin, but it has no effect in an anti-aging routine. Especially for people with dry skin, a nightly cleanse is sufficient, more than that your skin will just be flaky and prone to early wrinkles. 2. Apply products in a downward motion. Our skin sags as it ages so washing our face or applying moisturizer from top to bottom exacerbates that. 3. Skipping the sunscreen. The should be the first thing you do before heading out of the house. Unprotected sun exposure can cause skin damage. 4. Slouching. How often do you find yourself slumped over your desk, hand propped beneath your skin? I feel guilt for doing that too! Flexing of the neck from leaning on your chin can stretch the skin there. 5. Sipping from a straw. This may sound odd, but the puckering movement encourages line around the lips.
Sipping on a straw is an odd one. I never thought it'll cause wrinkles.
I still have a hard time reminding myself to put on sunscreen before leaving the house....
I work with a laptop for 8+ hours and I often find myself slouching when I type for a long period of time. I'll try to keep my head up! Maybe books might help?