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Why You Should Start Rowing NOW!

1. Rowing can burn around 800 calories in one hour. Comparable to any other workout of the same amount of time, rowing burns the most because it's a total body workout. 2. Rowing works muscles ignored by other forms of cardio. It is 30 percent core, 10 percent upper body and arms, and the rest is legs. 3. Rowing can help with posture. Pulling the handle back against resistance forces you to open up your shoulders and chest. In time, this can improve overall posture and help you stand taller. 4. Rowing carves your abs in a way other machines can't. Each time you begin your rowing stroke, you contract your abdomen to help you complete the movement. 5. It's a stretch for your back. As you pull back as far as possible, you're stretching your back and hamstrings. 6. It's low impact. Rowing doesn't put any extra pounding on your body. The whole workout is extremely low impact, making it a great way to stay fit if you're, say, experiencing a running injury.
I really need to branch out into new machines haha
My university had the rowing machines in the field house (indoor track) so I was able to alternate between jogging and rowing, it was an awesome workout!
This is a machine that I use thinking 'this is so easy' and then an hour later I am totally sore ahah
I really enjoying rowing. Its a perfect mix of cardio and weight training for me.
I actually LOVE the rowing machine! Plus it is rarely busy at my gym and is in a really nice spot by the window - score!
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