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Which of these angers you the most?
1. Bend your spoon while trying to scoop ice cream 2. Punching the paper holes a little bit off so they become useless 3. Breaking the cork to the wine bottle so you can get your drink 4. Trying to open a milk/juice carton and it rips 5. Dropping your knife or fork handle into the sauce 6. Trying to a pen paper case, and it rips 7. You drop your sandwich on your computer, and the spread gets on the keyboard
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trying to open a milk carton.. ha it always rips and I end opening the whole top of it lol.. plus bending the spoon trying to get ice cream that also seems to always happen ha
3 years ago·Reply
4 .. especially if the content is sticky
3 years ago·Reply
#3 happens to me pretty much every time I try to open anything with a cork. I'm basically cursed.
3 years ago·Reply
#2 and don't get me started with #3!!!
3 years ago·Reply
holy crap all of them
3 years ago·Reply