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The first, non-permitted version of the IAM Cycling jersey can be seen in the second picture on the left hand side. Clement, signifies Stef Clement, and the name appeared directly below the IAM name. The jersey on the right is the one that was approved. This version also showed the name, but it was in smaller lettering and was positioned above the sponsor title and its website address. The UCI claims the reasoning behind not permitting the jersey was that the space where the surname appeared is reserved for sponsors. However, the UCI is only banning the jersey from races, and the team can wear the jerseys anywhere else. On stage podiums, meetings fans, on training rides, and anything else that is not an official UCI event. Although the IAM team accepts the UCI's ruling, they think the UCI will accept it sometime in the future. Personally I think it should be up to the sponsors. If the sponsors are okay with how it looks, then it should be okay. What do you all think of the change? I love the simplicity of the older design!
I understand why UCI wants to regulate this sort of thing. It works against fans in this scenario, but what if a sponsor went overboard with a jersey and was trying to force a team to use it?
@AnthonyB UCI has been notoriously strict on many things
Didn't know UCI was so strict on these things
@troygreene84 I can see how that could be a problem, but I think the UCI went a little overboard here