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We tend to look for power Not from others, but within ourselves As held high to the sky, the materialistic king is on a pedal stool Some of us fall victim and becomes fools for things We don't need that and can be taken away easily Like a certain style of clothes or a type car thats fast but doesn't last as long As the human spirit, for some they fear it Not because it can crush and devour with ease But because its more powerful than one could dream It seems that we all could benefit from it Nevertheless, only some of us do, which gives us the opportunity to rise to the occasion Making us look high and mighty, but in reality we are all the same Our decision making can hurt us or progess us It is our choice to be brave and achieve self-actualization Or to sit and wonder what the sensation would feel like to be on top on the mountain Our outlook on power and control will either prosper us or regress us to what we know as the struggle
@Richs14 Interesting! I wouldn't have known it otherwise.
I enjoyed the poem; I'm confused by the image. What is it from?
The image is from Spiderman. The black represents Vernon and the represent carnage. I use that to describe the doubts in your head vs the little voice in your head that pushes you to do your best
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