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Red, White, and Beard: Captain America Cosplay!

I love this! Great video about pluralism in America and how we all can embody America, regardless of our skin color, religion, or where our families came from! I love that cosplayers have been going out of their way more and more to worry less about the color of the skin of characters they love, and focusing more on bringing that character to life, regardless of color! I can't tell you how many times I've seen people on cosplay boards saying I am _____ skin color but I really want to cosplay X-character who is _______ skin color....what do I do?! Simple answer: just do it! Like this guy, who just wants to cartoon cool characters in turbans, and go around as his own version of Captain America. Right on!
@vulpix Well regardless of the article at least this guy knows what's up. and maybe some others learned from him
This must take a lot of courage to out on and head out in!
@amog32 Totally agree. The article I found it in, though, still was generalizing people! It bashed on the group from Kentucky for being from Kentucky and thus not willing to not stereotype. Not cool!
I love that everyone is mostly just concerned that he's too skinny to be Captain America.
This is one of the best videos of this "what do people really think about all types of Americans" videos. Usually they're really staged, but I don't feel that this was staged at all. In fact, I"m pretty sure he got some answers (aka right answers) that other filmmakers wouldn't show, but since this was about showing all types of diversity, he kept it. Also, sweet Captain America idea. Why can't he be Capt. A?
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