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Drug trafficking is already an issue on the ground via foot, tunnels, cars, etc. and in the sky because of airplanes. Now, it's becoming a different issue due to the advancement of our favorite eye-in-the-sky: drones! Hilarious as this sounds to me, there are actually smugglers trying to fly drugs across the US/Mexico border. Using drones. Really, it's an inspired idea. If your battery can last long enough, and you can get it through an area where the noise won't be head, who's going to stop you? The little drone was carrying six pounds of meth (ouch!) and it's yet to be discovered who was trying to make the flight over the border, as it crash landed alone in a supermarket parking lot. Other inventive past attempts to cross the border include: catapults, tunnels and super light aircrafts. Can these kinds of crossings even be prevented?
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@drwhat Ahhh, the joys of technology becoming more readily available
@amog32 Im sure there are areas that are not watched enough that the noise would slip past. my guess is that this has probably been going on for a few years with bigger drones but now low end drones are cheap and available so more people are trying to use them
I'd heard about the tunnels and some bizarre attempts to smuggle things in unspeakable places, but it would make sense that such a small, sometimes unnoticable carrier would be tried. In my experience, though, drones are pretty loud.