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It's not the first time we'll hear of an issue like this and sadly I don't think it'll be the last. At least 40,000 gallons of crude oil that leaked into the Yellowstone river are going to have to be cleaned up, but it's possible we won't know the environmental damage caused for months. A chemical from the oil has been detected in Glendive, six miles downstream from spill near the North Dakota state line. To make it worse, the river is frozen, which is making it harder to locate and clean up the oil that leaked from the pipeline when a section of it ruptured, leaking 960+ barrels of oil. All those politicians who are pushing for Keystone XL should go camp out on the shores of the spill location--oh, and be sure to take a good long drink of nice cold water. I know that we have to find a solution, such as the extra shortcut on the Keystone line, but aren't we just setting ourselves up for more and more issues like this? I think so. Who is is paying the bill for this crime, and giving water to the people and lives of those living in the river and around it?
@amog32 There is a large movement it just isnt care about in mainstream politics, and its being buried.
@drwhat @amog32 The thing is, there have been dozens of leaks in the past year, and unless they're this big, they don't warrant any coverage. How is that okay? It's not. But all the news of it is being buried. Politicians and media are paid off, and only come forward about the issues when they have to. That's how it's being buried.
@yakwithalan But how can such a large opposing force be buried?
How common are these big leaks? Do we even know?
Is anybody surprised by this? The only thing I'm surprised by is that a bigger, more wide spread movement, to stop the spread of companies like this who don't care about these small fines they get after wasting our environment, hasn't been started yet.