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What's better, road bikes or mountain bikes? It's an age old debate. Someone summed it up pretty well on this picture. Road bikes allow you to ride with great speed. Mountain bikes can go anywhere. So what are you looking for? Do you want to go fast, or are you looking to travel off the beaten path?
Nice picture! But I love my cross bike and you can always change out your tires for the surface you want to ride! I can ride my bike anywhere from streets, dirt, sand, mountains, just not to the moon yet! Oh and the better speed is my motorcyle! Vroom Vroom! Now that really is the best thing on two wheels! @AnthonyB @TeamWaffles @troygreene84 @BikeSnob
@TeamWaffles I agree with everything except the motorcycle! Crossbikes give you the best of both worlds, they are so versatile!
I'm all for road, would love to give mountain biking a try but I think cyclocross has struct my interest first
Both have their perks, but the best thing is that you are on two wheels (or how every many wheels your bike has)
@troygreene84 Don't we all?
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