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I'm not much of a hiker myself, but I thought @yakwithalan would be interested in this since he told me he occasionally hikes down this way. It seems that because of concerns of incidents happening between hikers and hunters (accidental shootings and the like), there's a proposition for hiking to be not allowed during hunting season in state game lands. That'd add up to more than 130 days a year. I'm not sure if this is worth the closure or not: of course it's great to prevent more death and injury because of hunters injuring hikers, but if it passes hikers would also have to get a permit to be able to hike on the lands. Since they're state game lands whose primary use is hunting, not hiking, I guess the proposition isn't so insane. What do you think @yakwithalan?
@happyrock I've only heard of a few, so I don't think so. @TrevorGoldley I don't know why it's started but it's so that hunters aren't trying to go elsewhere I'd assume.
Have there been enough incidents to warrant this?
Why is the land only designated for hunters in PA? I don't go on lands like that here.
I understand that this land was set aside for hunters but there are so many pieces of thru hikes like the AT that go thru these areas. I hope it doesnt pass.
why the hell souls hikers be able to cause this when it isn't the hikers fault they got shot