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There are a lot of different ways to clean and treat your blister before, while on, or after the trail! Rather than using duct tape, bandaids, and pulling off all the skin while on the trail (ouch!), you can try to use this technique to keep your blister healing well. While this guy isn't big on superglue, I've used superglue before as well. I think it works pretty well, but I'll talk more about that technique in another post!! What's your favorite technique to covering and healing a blister?
I love learning all the different ways people manage it. I'm a moleskin + tape kinda guy.
The more ways you learn to fix them the less likely you are to feel like you're stuck without a way to heal up!
This technique looks solid to me!
I love superglue for sealing blisters on the trail, especially if the skin is really close to coming off. Theres nothing else that works as well.