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01. 충분해 02. 좋은걸 03. 겨우… 04. 비에 젖은 밤 (feat. 임헌일) 05. 끝의 시작 06. 계절의 경계선 07. 그대여 08. 그리움의 무게 (feat. 고상지밴드) 01. Something about the mic placement or production makes his voice really stand out in this song. It almost sounds like I'm listening to concert/live version rather than a studio version. It's refreshing. I am not usually a ballad person and this is the perfect tempo to keep me interested. It does sound rather K-drama OST-y but I am okay with it! 02. I really like this guitar work. Again, it sounds like a great candidate for a drama OST but I really like the upbeat feel of it. He voice is really soothing so I'd love to have this as background music while I'm just hanging around the house on lazy mornings. 03. This is almost bossa nova and I love it. When Kpop does Brazilian I go crazy. Then the accordion came in and I felt like I was in France. This is seriously perfect cafe music and I can't wait to add this to my studying playlist. 04. The piano is really gorgeous. It really reminds me of the sound of rain, which is awesome because this song is about a rainy night. Heonil does an incredible job. 05. This is definitely not something you hear in a Kpop album. SERIOUSLY LISTEN TO THIS. 06. I am freeeaking out over this piano. FREAKING OUT. 07. I feel like this is a song I will love to fall asleep to. It is sad but really calming at the same time. I am really loving this entire album. 08. More really beautiful piano work on this album. This entire record is one that I know will be great to just space out to. This song is another track to fall asleep with while pretending you're somewhere in Paris (love that accordion!)