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Not every centerpiece has to be festooned with pomp and circumstance. It can sometimes be too much and overpower the scenery of the event. Some of my favorite tablescapes are like this one with manzanita branch as the structure in what appears to be a collage of orchid blossoms. I see phalaenopsis, dendrobium, cattleya, and spider varieties. The addition of crystal chandelier garland will reflect the light and appear to sparkle.
Budget Bottom-line:
$30 Birch Branch
$35 Flowers (per branch)
$10 Flowers (table florals)
$10 Candles
$100 Chiavari (rented)
$37 Misc (20% of itemization)
= $222 (per table)
Considering you have 15 tables at $222 each, that's $3,330, which is less than $5000. Remember, your tablescape budget should account for 10 percent of your wedding budget. It's okay to go higher, but you must make adjustments elsewhere.
Last, but not least, my darlings, If you have a design dilemma or need help, feel free to ask. I am glad to help where I can.
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The idea is really cool. And for this price, seems really great.