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Photographer Maxine Helfman has been creating some unique and perceptive portrait photography. She's adaptive in that she can effortlessly move between the editorial, commercial and fine arts worlds. Maxine's personal work often runs into "race and inequality through a historical perspective" focusing mostly on the unseen or the unconsidered perspectives in this space. Her newest project, Forefathers, does just this by shining a light on historical realities that often aren't ever discussed. Maxine looks into the personal practices of our presidents in dealing with race and inequality. Maxine displays 8 different presidents with their faces ripped off. Underneath these faces are portraits of black men, indicating to the viewer that these revered men of history were once slave owners. Here is part of Maxine's artist statement on this work: "Inspired by Flemish Portrait Painting, “ Historical Correction” reinterprets these old masters from a more contemporary point of view. Our world and cultures are changing so quickly we are witnessing the collision of past and present. When you look at paintings from periods of art history, the depiction of the population is defined and specific. As populations shift, our world has become so diverse that different cultures are visually harder to define. Although my photographs are “ invented realities”, they are about real issues. Populations shift, gender and race are redefined, past definitions are challenged, and the faces of cultures and customs change. My work depicts those changes."
@danidee There are a bunch of black artists in the Southeast/New Orleans area and a lot of their work is in this vein. You should really check it out, there is a lot of talent coming out of this area!
This is really powerful. I'd love to check out more of her stuff.
Fantastic work, I've seen a lot of work coming out of Nola that bring up a lot of concepts similar to Maxine's.
Interesting stuff. I love how she created these collages, very creative