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Adam Jeppesen photographs are fill the space between darkness and twilight. Atmosphere flows heavy through these images and manages to obscure as much as it reveals. Artist William Pym said, "The work of Adam Jeppesen invites thoughts about the origins and the future of the documentary photographer – perhaps "social photographer" is the word I’d rather use – the kind of artist who does not ostensibly stage the world, but prefers to watch it, then frame it as it is. The only act of manipulation, the only insertion of opinion, comes as the artist’s eye decides what will fit inside the rectangle of the aperture; the rest is already there." Light, color and texture become the dominate features of the photographs as the specificity of the poeple, places, and things all fade. In Adam's photographs you get a sense that what we see is not necessarily what we are shown.
@hunahuna I am now a lover of Adam Jeppesen. Beautiful image after beautiful image. Thanks for sharing!
@danidee It's incredibly deep and meaningful, but you really don't connect to any of it in a way. I love this style as well!
This is really nice. I actually prefer this kind of photography a lot of the time.
Really oddly satisfying. Like you said I'm not sure why I like the images but they are oddly satisfying for some reason