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Here's another old people play video for you. Here a group of elderly people play and react to Grand Theft Auto 5. If you are unfamiliar with GTA5 then let me sum it up for you. It's a open world sandbox game that includes vehicle driving, shooting, and various other activities. The game has received a lot of criticism in its lifetime because of the violence it portrays. Most of the old people start playing and aren't very good, it takes them a while to figure out the controls. It also takes them a while to understand that you don't have to stop at stop lights. Once they found the guns it was all over, all of them started shooting people up and killing in crazy ways. It would seem that Grand Theft Auto turns the innocent untainted minds of a senior citizen into a psychopath.
I should get my mom to play, wonder how she would react
@danidee I cracked up when he started laughing!
@TeamWaffles The guy with the white beard pretty much just turned back into his 17 year old self.
@danidee It's so funny how most of them actually start enjoying themselves! Hahahaha
I've never actually seen this GTA either. I really love how much this looks like real LA. Also, hahaha my mom reacts to vulgar language the same way as the lady in this video.