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Wavys and curls are trending now, but there are days when you'll want to go sleek. Here are some tips to get the perfect sleek and shiny strand with your flat iron. 1. Don't skip the primer. It's a vital first step to great looking hair. It protects hair from hot styling tools that damage and break your hair, it smooths away frizz, and it adds a healthy glow to your hair. And most lastly, it extends the hold of your super straight hair. 2. Flat iron by section. It's tempting to get it done at once but trust me your hair will look better if you patiently work through the sections. 3. Finish off with a shine serum. This will add extra sleekness, tame any fly aways and leave your hair looking shiny and pin straight. Apply it from the tip to the middle section of your hair and avoid the root.
I usually straighten my hair without putting anything on. I know it's bad! I have to change that.
I used to use a serum from garnier fructis (sleek and shine?) that was amazing!