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I'm now a nice girl because I was able to see the preview. I was so anxious to watch the next episode. Thanks to clairiere of tumblr we get to see and somehow understand what's going on. Below is her translation: Video Preview for Nice Guy Episode 15 (translation mistakes are my own) Jae-Hee: How dare you use my brother against me, you of all people? Maru: I told you, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to help Eun-Gi return where she belongs. Jae-Hee: If I give up everything, would you come back to me? Maru: If you want it that desperately, I wouldn’t rule it out. Min-Young: How much more do you want in exchange for biting Kang Maru back? Jae-Hee: The police are outside, waiting to arrest you. Why don’t you surrender first? Maru: ENOUGH! Eun-Gi: What’s wrong with Han Jae-Hee? Is there something I should know about? Maru: If you could remember me, all your memories may come back to you.
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oops! Sorry! My mistake... its 20 episodes as per info from wiki... sorry and thanks hyunjoki for pointing that out. :)
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oh i really hate jae hee she always playing around in ma ru and eun gi i really wish her die...
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Ejna...im too into this drama until i dont want it to end too soon..hehe
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Yup hyunjoki me too. The plot is great, the actors are great and their looks are awesome... what more could we ask for? heheheeh.... But I want to know if kang maru will die.... good thing they have 6 more episodes to go to establish the ending! :) I Hope we can help each other in finding updates and live recaps~~! its today right, episode 15?
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Yeah..cant wait for the episode to be aired..haha... I really hope the scriptwriter make the smooth ending .. Hope a good ending between maru n eun gi
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