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Hello everyone! (T∇T)ノ I hope the week has been good to you so far! Today's lunch is the beloved characters of My Neighbor TOTORO! I had a request awhile ago but I was nervous to try. I do not want to mess up Totoro and his buds. Lol! (*^-^) I hope you all like it! ♥Totoro: is out of Potato Salad(black food coloring). The decorations for face and belly are Cheese and Fruit roll(grape). the Soot Sprites (Black Balls) are cheese(black food coloring) ♥ Chibi (White)Totoro: is a Bread Bun w/ Cheese for its eyes. With Strawberries and Oranges. ♥ Chu (blue)Totoro: is a Hard Boiled Egg out of shell. Placed in water w/ blue food coloring for like 15-20 mins. Then I sliced a thin circle and used as the ears. Cheese and fruit roll to decorate. With Carrots. I hope you all have or had a great lunch! And THANK YOU for taking the time to check out my card! ヾ(^_^) °•°•☆°•°•☆Gigi☆•°•°☆°•°•
So cute
The soot sprites are my favorite Studio Ghibli thing ever. I would be so excited to see them in my bento!!
Why have I never hard boiled eggs in food coloring before?! You are a GENIUS!
@caricakes Thanks!