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With each progressing day I feel a part of myself drift away. Piece by piece floating down the stream of nothingness. Leaves me wondering if someone is at the bend of the endless river of nothing picking my pieces up waiting to put them back together. To mend broken and kiss it all better. Fix the memories and give me new ones. Someone who waited for me every passing hour picking up a piece and watch how others just stand there as a part of me passes. He waited for me. Fixed me, brought the old me back. Smiles, giggles, warm eyes that shone, all came back because he waited. He mended the broken pieces just right.
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This is a nice, warm vision. Would it not be nice to know that there's always someone there to catch what we have accidentally thrown away?
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I bet there is someone waiting there, picking them up! I like the image of tossing pieces of ourselves away in a river that might lead somewher ewhere they're all gathered, ready to be picked up
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