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There's going to be another addition to these prompts! As per @OmerTurco 's request, I'll be adding the previous 3 days of prompts to every new prompt. I know it gets difficult to get online every day, so if you still want to catch up, there will be 4 prompts, about a week's worth, of prompts on every new card. I hope you enjoy! January 22, 2015 Write out the very busy schedule of Henry the Lion, the star of the National Zoo. January 20, 2015 Write a short paragraph on something you'd like to do in the future. Challenge: You are forbidden from using the letter E. January 18, 2014 Write a short, heated debate between the presdiential candidates of 2028 on the nation's hottest topic: Free WiFi for all? January 16, 2015 Write the conversation of a father and his young son when the son asks his father for the first time what he does for a living. The father works as a garbage truck driver.
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@chiaroscuro thanks,
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Cool! Good suggestion @OmerTurco
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Easy to see them then, nice! A "weekly recap" of sorts, yes?
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Thanks for always posting these!
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