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bent trucks
I got a atom board for Christmas and I found out the board has bent trucks. it sucks but I still use them mostly because their all I have.
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Yyyyeah get new trucks. You're going to damage them more by riding on them, and eventually damage yourself.
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yea you should invest in some new trucks, don't wanna wreck yourself
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got tell wait to may to get new ones because I have no money so ill get for my birthday
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I'm assuming your on a budget because you ride an atom board (nothing wrong with that I love the smaller companies because everyone starts out with them and I came THIS close to buying one myself, although I got an Ehlers instead), But check out Ehler's Free Soul trucks. I'd say they compare very well to Paris's since my friend has a set of those except they only cost $35(ish) idk exactly
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switch your hangers around
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