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Designers are doing more and more to establish drama for the tablescape. Thanks, in part, to you for having both the budget and the flexibility to let the professionals do their best. You can see in the photo that the ballroom is draped in white tricot and up-lighted from behind. The queen's table is covered in an ivory marquis damask. The china is rimmed in gold with clear stemware. Orchid blossoms are perched upon the napkins and dinner course placard. There are gold ballroom chairs and the low-lying centerpieces are comprised of Ecuadorian roses, hydrangeas, orchids and grapes. This design works because the lines of the queen's table and chairs are mirrored in the trellis canopy, almost hovering above the table. Bursting with hanging grapes and cascading orchids, the effect is lush and spectacular. Smartly, the support columns are not covered in flowers, just a solitary branch of curly willow. The lighting in the room almost makes the columns disappear. Take this idea and make it your own if you like. It's possible to get fantastic tablescapes for your wedding reception that doesn't overtake your budget. And since this design is so dramatic, that it encompasses your decor, this trellis cost could go toward (or come from) your decor budget. It's entirely up to you.
Budget Bottom-line:
$100 Pipe/Trellis (rented)
$50 Flowers (trellis florals/fruits)
$50 Flowers (table florals/fruits)
$6 Candles
$100 Napoleon (rented)
$61 Misc (20% of itemization)
= $367 (per table)
Considering you have 15 tables at $367 each, that's $5,505, which is more than $5000. But remember, while it's true, your tablescape budget should account for 10 percent of your wedding budget, it's okay to go higher in this case because you can borrow from the decor budget to achieve the overarching decor from the tabletop trellis. You must make the budgetary adjustments elsewhere.
Cool idea, but what if it falls?
What a pretty idea. Never seen anything like this before.
It's always a pleasure to see tablescape designers being inventive and using fruits and other things besides flowers. I agree @marshalledgar
I like the use of fruits for decorating.
I sense a lot of panic and worry in this room. LOL :) :) When you see something extravagant like this, it is anchored in several spots. And not to the table. It's anchored to what are called "hang points" in a ball room. You'd never do this outside unless it was rigged. Hope that helped.
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