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Did you catch the title of this card? "Pink Meets Canary Table Design." Now take a look at what's pictured. Nothing on the table is pink. Nothing. But the illusion, which is the best part, is the essence of pink. The tablescape is decked with high and low faceted crystal and silver candle globes. Silver chiavari, glass tableware and clustered hemispheres of monochromatic like-flowers. All that glass and perfect for reflecting light. And the light being reflected is the wash of pink that you see in the pictures. This perfect marriage of mixing lighting with strategic table elements can lift the level of elegance without emptying your flex account you have with your fiance.
Budget Bottom-line:
$12 Crystal candle holders (rented)
$40 Flowers (table florals)
$15 Candles
$100 Chivari (rented)
$33 Misc (20% of itemization)
= $200 (per table)
Considering you have 15 tables at $200 each, that's $3000, which is less than $5000. Remember, your tablescape budget should account for 10 percent of your wedding budget. It's okay to go higher, but you must make adjustments elsewhere.
Thanks @noonmarez. What kinds of ideas do you think you might do? FYI, I am an industry event planner. (NO, I am not soliciting for business) lol Glad and eager to give advice for free on here. Feel free to message me too if you like. Always glad to help
This gives me so many ideas! Thank you @nixonwoman