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I can't help it; I'm just a lacy kinda gal. lol I wanted to share this awesome 2014 Grammy pic of Bey, Paris, and Iggy in drop-dead-gorgeous lace gowns. Not too keen on Iggy's. While I'm sure it's pretty, it doesn't look flattering. But Bey has it goin-on!! Look how her Michael Costello dress fits her like a glove. I want to find a lace wedding gown that is just as va-va-voom on me. lol In House of Milani, Paris Hilton is wearing that lace number with glee. I'd be all smiles too in that dress. I need help finding a striking gown like it for my wedding. All the gowns I see are so predictable and wedding-y. I need some help and I seem to be driving my mom crazy. lol
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wish u were closer I would love to help ya