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Back away from your second grande latte or third iced Americano of the day. You'll get the biggest benefit from caffeine if you use it sparingly. Aside from your morning cup of coffee, (which I understand many people can't live without), save the caffeine burst for when you really can't concentrate or have to be alert to, say, drive for hours. Caffeine is a drug, and just like anything else, you can build up a tolerance to it. Your body gets conditioned to expect caffeine at certain times, so if you miss your usual fix (say, your after lunch coffee) you start feeling tired. So how do you wean yourself off of your usual coffee chugging? Try to cut your intake by about 25 percent a week. If you normally drink four cups of coffee a day, go down to three for a week and then to two, then one, etc. Don't forget to count the caffeine you may be getting from non-coffee sources too like soda, energy drinks, and chocolate!
I wouldn't do that. :)
@HeartofGold35 I feel like everything is good in moderation. So have your 2 cups, but don't start having 6 cups a day! Just like alcohol, its good for you in small doses :)
I found out on The Doctors TV show, that two cups of coffee a day can prevent you from getting cancer.
I think this is true for strong black teas as well. Irish or English breakfast can be just as caffeine heavy as coffee!
I have definitely built up an immunity to certain levels of caffeine. Scary!
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