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Another Vingler inspired me to look at this through another card posted. (Thank you @marshalledgar) This is so so so so breathtakingly beautiful. Just texted my mom and she loves it too. Look at her veil and the hat and gloves. It's the perfect color too. But can I get away with a white dress and a blue veil (with blue pumps)? I need some wedding fashion advice. I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard. Thank you ! <3 :P
oh, you're very welcome @daniachicago. You can wear blue heels, just don't make your outfit matchy-matchy. my gut tells me that you should pick one or the other. not both. pick one. heels or veil. I'd choose heels in blue.
Thanks for sharing your comment @marshalledgar I sometimes obsess over making the right choice.