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For those of us who have grown comfortable with our vegan diet, we think of all of the things that we gain from it: health, happiness, peace of mind, community; but many people starting their vegan journey worry about what they will lose: dairy-based cheeses, desserts, etc. Here are a few ways to find your happiness in a vegan diet: 1. Try one new vegetable a week Broccoli and carrots all day every day is boring, and not exactly great for your health. Explore the produce section and see what new treats you can pick up for yourself. If you don't want to do that, try cooking a favorite veggie in a different way once a week! 2. Master a Tasty Sauce Vegan meals aren't just vegetables! Once you find a mean sauce that you love, put it on everything! It spices up your meal and gets you excited about eating whatever new veggies or carby treat you've discovered. 3. Swap Out Cheese for Nuts You're not giving up cheese when you go vegan, you just need to get a bit more creative. See what you can make with cashews and almonds. You'll be amazed!
I think what I would add for this is experimenting with popular vegan recipe/ingredient subs until you find the one that you like the most. That way you can pretty much take any recipe you like and quickly figure out how to recreate it to be equally delicious and perfectly suitable to your diet.
Trying new veggies is always fun. I never knew that I loved okra before becoming a vegetarian!