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While I didn't watch the State of the Union address (sorry, I did read the speech online, though!) I did sit down to watch three of my fave Youtubers interview our Pres. Barack Obama!!! GloZell Green, Bethany Mota and Hank Green of the VlogBrothers got to have a Q&A session in the Oval Office, even setting up sets that looked quite like their own videos! What I love most about this isn't exactly what I learned from the interviews, but the fact that a President is really trying to reach out to a younger generation, explain his ideas to the masses in a different way. Sure, it's still all politics, but with so many people my age and younger who frankly don't care a bit about politics, it's a great attempt to engage them. And, it makes them think a bit more about politics, and what they feel about this important issues! I really liked Hank's question about the use of drones in warfare, and whether or not Obama believes those that come after him will be against this usage, in the same way as some Presidents of the past have been criticized by more recent Presidents. Obama's response: “I think it’s entirely legitimate to say that as technologies develop, we need to step back and say ‘do we have a legal framework and a set of controls on it? It’s something that we take very seriously, and I would argue that today’s technologies enable us to defend ourselves causing less damage to communities than they’ve done in the past.” Not sure I agree, but I love the question, and I love being able to engage in these topics we don't otherwise get to engage with!
@timeturnerjones Bethany. I just didn't really care that much to hear the more mundane answers I suppose; especially not when Hank's were so much more interesting. @amog32 I think @timeturnerjones is right, he probably can't really say much more on it just because of his position and all.
@drwhat Ah, right. Her questions were quite a bit more simple but still nice to hear I thought.
@drwhat Which girl? I was pretty satisfied with all of them! @amog32 Well, I think as in any other speech, he sadly has to be really cautious about what he can and cannot share. And he probably wasn't expecting that one (actually, the probably screened all questions....)
I thought Hank's questions wete particularly poignant as well. Though I wish Obama had shown a little more regard for what his actions might be viewed as on the future.
Woah! Very cool. I wish the one girl had taken a different direction with her questions but still really interesting to watch. I wondered when this day would come.