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So my wheels came in today, the James Kelly influence RAD wheels. Specs: 70mm 80a & 54mm cp I am so stoked to try these babies out tomorrow. I'm guessing I'm not the only one who hasn't heard too much bout RAD wheels so after a while of riding I'll try to put up a review of them. On a an other note it is always good to email and message companies they love it and like any advice you have to help improve stuff. Talked with with anonymous boards and shark wheel recently and it's always cool. I helped anonymous with a problem on their site and I emailed shark wheel they're really cool and willing to give deals on their wheels (old prototypes mostly I think). So overall I'd say don't be afraid to reach out to them cause who knows they might wanna sponsor you or just hook you up with gear!
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Yeah after riding them today I can totally see them as DH wheels pretty grippy but can get them to slide to shave off speed easily. @steezster
And sorry but not too knowledgable of all the terminology what do you mean by scrubbed?
It means its broke in so its not as grippy as when you first get it, because dh wheels are obviously used for the most grip possible, which is why dh racers tend to use new wheels every run
duuuuuuuude those wheels are dope af