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Pashmina Luxe For Your Bridal Party
Back in 2002 was when I was first introduced to pashmina, which is one of the purest cashmere on the planet. I wanted to post this because pashmina is a beautiful gift to give your bridal party. What woman doesn't want to be draped in luxury? With innumerable dye colors to choose from, you can get pashmina that would be a perfect complement to your thematic scheme.
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I just wanted to point out that going with a different color or style of cashmere for the Matron-of-honor or Maid-of-honor is a great way to feature them if they are wearing the same dress as the other attendants in the wedding.
Wouldn't think that black for bridesmaid dresses (first pic) would look so chic. Boy was I wrong.
It's funny the things we associate with certain colors in our minds. I agree with you @darcysdiary.