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I can't tell if the first picture is real or not. I think it is, but I also think they used some photoshop or something to get those blue roses such a powdery shade of blue. I've looked into it and there's no such thing as blue roses. There are roses that are silvery and lavender, but not the shade of blue in this picture, so does anyone know where I can find these pretty blue roses?
@daniachicago I like your bouquet ideas. And you're right, there's no such thing as blue roses. to achieve this color, the designer most likely used blue floral can of spray. You can find it at craft stores and do it yourself.
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You can add a small amount of blue food coloring to the water they sit in.
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Hey @jessiDurland I've seen that done before, is there a formula that you happen to know that's good for dying through water? I've never tried it
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I'm not sure exactly but I've used Luke warm water and a small amount of milk and a drop of blue food coloring
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