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Some Ways to Survive Valentine's Day Single!
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1. Invest in an animal! They can give you lots of cute cuddles! 2. Buy your own chocolate! You know what you love, and you deserve it. Just buy it. 3. If you're a girl......buy yourself a really hot outfit! Who cares if you have a date, just look great! 4. Go somewhere there will be other singles (though I totally only recommend this one if you are looking to meet someone! There are singles meet ups, too! 5. Watch some Netflix! 6. Write a love song or poem and let it alllll out! You'll feel better after you rant. 7. Or, rant on Twitter, but I honestly don't recommend this one lol. No one likes a sour puss! 8. Sleeeeeeeep! NOTE: These are not my tips....use at your own risk lol!! I like #1 the best :) How do you survive Valentine's Day?
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