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Quintessential oceanfront wedding scenery and waterscape can be found all over South Florida, (and elsewhere for that matter). However, my darlings, if you want quintessential views AND authentic Miami style, then you must make an appointment to view The Palms Hotel. What makes this venue so incredible is its versatility. Outdoors you can choose the beach, the private gazebo, or the beachfront lawn. There are ballrooms. Dining rooms. Private rooms. La-la-la...Through million-dollar space, architectural, and landscape planning, The Palms can host your ceremony. They can host your reception. They can cater it. Hell, the damn hotel can serve as your one-stop for everything--including hotel accommodations for you and your guests. My dear, this is the moment you stop what you're doing and make an appointment.
@NixonWoman Sounds like a really great venue. Love the pictures.
Thanks @marshalledgar It's a great venue. It's a superb location and I wish more brides would consider it for that authentic Miami sunshine beach wedding.